Our love for wine even extends to Argentina. Sharay Estate has been our own organic domain. It is located at the foot of the Andes mountains, in a nature reserve. The grapes are grown and handle with care. Our production is without pesticides, all in respect to the nature and under the auspices of IFOAM ( bio-organization in Argentina). We combine traditional technics with modern equipment to produce exclusive bio-quality wines.

“La Sharay symbolizes our passion and craftsmanship”


Belgerette Wines is importer of organic wines from the New World, with an emphasis on wines from Argentina and Chile. We have built relationships with some of the best wineries in Argentina to bring excellent wines to the Nederlands and Europe.

Everything focused on sustainability and enjoyment. We like to produce the wines we love. We invite you to taste them with us.

La Sharay symbolizes our passion and craftsmanship.


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Voorstraat 20
1394 CT Nederhorst Den Berg

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